Your First Visit

Welcome! I look forward to beginning our work together.

On this page you will find the following information to help you out with your first session:

  • Forms
  • What to do when you arrive
  • What to expect for your first session
  • Parking information


Please print and complete the following forms and bring them to your first session.

There is a separate consent for EMDR therapy, please review and sign the EMDR INFORMED CONSENT

If you would like me to coordinate care with another provider (for example; your physician, psychiatrist, your child’s school teacher, etc…) please complete this form and bring it to your first session: Release of Information

If you would like email reminders for your appointments please fill out this form: Consent to Send Email Appointment Reminders

What To Do When You Arrive

The office is located in the Riviera Village in Redondo Beach.  We are in the SEIA building.  Once you enter the glass door to the courtyard our office will be directly in front of you at the back of the building.

Once inside the office, you will notice a panel with buttons on the wall.  Please press the one with my name on it that is how I will know you are present for your session. Once you press the button, a light illuminates on the panel and in my office, please leave the light on, that is how I will know you are present for your session.

Please feel free to have a seat in the lobby prior to your session time.  Many of my sessions go back to back so it may be difficult for me to be outside prior to your session time. However, I will do my best to be there promptly at the start of your appointment.

What to expect in your first session

We will spend the first few minutes of your first session completing/gathering the paperwork necessary to begin treatment. We will then go over consent for treatment and limits to confidentiality. Finally, we will take some time to make sure that any questions you may have get answered.

Next I will begin to ask you some questions about what brings you to therapy and what you would like to get out of the therapeutic process. During this time I may take notes while you are talking. There is usually a lot of information in the first session and I take notes on what we discussed so I don’t lose any of the details.

We will use the last few minutes of session to check in with you regarding your experience of your first session.


There is metered parking in the Riviera Village, please bring quarters.


Here are a few pictures of the office so you can become familiar prior to your visit.

The Office





































Entrance and Courtyard